In 1986

I was born in Japan.
Today I live in Tokyo.
My family consists of my late grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother,
my cat Momo, and my dog Koro.
A grandfather who was kind―
A grandmother who is eccentric and lively―
A father who is reliable―
A mother who is playful―
A brother who is hard to figure out.
I grew up around them all as the youngest child; Raised on love.
So, I know how to love people.

I also know how to break hearts.
Like the hands of a clock, love
And sadness exist side by side
I will keep thinking about what that means.
I have a secret―
I haven’t changed―and I never will.
Sometimes I become TOTOMESS
TOTOMESS starts with color.
TOTOMESS will always seek color;
Because there is no color I hate.

Even my least favorite color can play a leading role.
TOTOMESS transforms into anything, at any time.
People ask me.
Who are you?...
I answer,